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ZT-106 Waterproof of Plugging King

  • 2KG
      Implementation standards:
  • GB 23440-2009
  • Frequency
Product Description
ZT-106 "Plugging King" is the absorption of foreign advanced technology and retains the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, developed efficient inorganic waterproof plugging material, includes Slow-setting type (I type) and Quick-setting type (II type).

Where to use
It is used for all kinds of underground buildings or structures, cable channel, pool, kitchen and toilet, air defense caves, subways, tunnels and other rapid plugging works.

Construction tools
Clean up the basic tools: a hammer and chisel, wire broom and cloth
Said feed ingredients: scale, mixing materials barrels (basin), bucket, hand blender
Feeding tools: scraper, float, brush, son
Plugging tool: the rods of different diameter
Maintenance tools: sprinkler, fill the bucket (basin), brush

Acceptance of work
Check after the completion of the construction of waterproof layer has no empty drum, crack, peeling, pulverization phenomenon; Can do water test, but should be performed after the sclerosis of the waterproof layer;
After construction of the waterproof layer thickness should comply with the design requirements;
For damp environment of acceptance, if there is water surface of the coating, should take into account the factors of moisture condensation, if it is for this reason, it will disappear naturally after the scene drying.

Technical Data Sheet
No.Test itemSlow-setting typeQuick-setting type


Setting timeinitial set/min≥10≤ 5
final set/min≤3610
2Compressive strength  /MPa1h≥---4.5
3Breaking strength/MPa1h≥---1.5
4Difference values of Resistance osmotic pressure,Mpa,7d≥coating0.4---
Resistance osmotic pressure, Mpa,7d≥test-piece1.51.5
5Bonding strength/MPa,7d≥7d≥,0.60.6
6Heat resistance,100°C,5hNo cracking, peeling and fall off
7Cycle of freezing and thawing(-15°C~+20°C),20 timesNo cracking, peeling and fall off

Construction Method
First,plugging leaks mouth
1. The leaking joints should be chiseled "V" shaped, the base layer should be clean, solid and dense.
2. Put plugging king: water = 1:0.3 ~ 0.35 into mixing basin (buckets), mixing into a paste (add more water, the setting time is longer) .When the temperature is below 10 °C, stirred quickly with warm water (about 40 °C). The ingredients should not be made too much once, so as to avoid solidification;
3. Squeezing the material to "V" shaped groove or leaking cracks when the slurry slightly hot and hard, blocking with a wooden stick;
4. For seepage pits, directly put into plugging king, and then compacting, troweling and watering conservation;
5. For serious leaking cracks, using the drainage method, first block the upper gap, and then block under gap. Perforates a hole to reduce pressure and lead the leakage water.
6. For a large area of leakage, if necessary, perforates a hole to lead the water. First plugging holes, and then plugging the large leaking area;
7. Curing time is about 2 to 3 days, watering, covering wet materials, or maintenance. When in a moist environment such as basement or in a hardening waterproof layer, make the protective layer immediately or paste some material, which need not wet curing.
Second, seepage surface treatment
1.The base course must be wet, solid and clean, mixing plugging king with two times the weight of the sand on rough place.
2. Mix plugging king: water = 1:0.3~0.35 with a mechanical stirrer for about 2 minutes (without pellets, a fine putty-like slurry), the ingredients should not be made too much once, so as to avoid waste.
3. Construction: 2 to 3 times, coating the prepared slurry on a water surface. After the first layer to be hardened (no finger pressure traces), apply a second layer. If there is a large area of water seepage, apply the third layer. If only partial leakages, then coated a layer at seepage place until it does not leak. Each scraping must be back and forth a few times, make coverage dense between the coatings. Each with a quantity about 1.2kg/m2, the total thickness is about 1.5 ~ 2.2mm.
Third, Construction ( 2~3times )
Worked on the surface have MingShui quickly with good size that has made the first layer of material, after the first layer hardening traces (no pressure) dry the surface water, then the second floor surface materials. If there is a large, and apply the third layer material. If only partial water seepage phenomenon, in the add coating a layer of water seepage, until water not leak. Each layer surface construction must hold in scraping back and forth several times, the coating cover is close-grained, between each layer with a rate of about 1.2 kg / ㎡, the total thickness of about 1.5 ~ 2.2 mm.

Packaging, Storage, shelf life
The product adopts double plastic bag sealed packaging, basic packing specifications for: 2 kg/bag
The outer packing with carton packaging
The material is easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp, prevent damaged packaging, should be stored in dry room
This product warranty for 12 months
Products are subject to inspection qualified rear can use, so as not to affect the use effect
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