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ZT-109 greasy Polyurethane grout

  • 5kg/Pot、10kg/Pot、20kg/Pot
      Implementation standards:
  • JS/T2041-2010
  • Frequency
Product Description
ZT-109 greasy Polyurethane grout is based on chemical polymerization reaction of diisocyanate and polyether polyols form containing end group containing isocyanate root polymer (cyanide setting). The material with water as crosslinking agent, can quick reaction with water, rapid expansion in the curing process, so as to achieve rapid sealing and plugging leakage passage effect.

Product Adavantage
▶ fast water: the water after the reaction, in a few minutes can be solidified into a flexible foam, water stop quickly.
▶ good waterproof performance: the gel foam grouting concretion body and permeability is good, no shrinkage, foam expansion ratio (above 1000%), toughness, high strength and good bonding strength at the grass-roots level.
▶ construction convenient and quick: material, low viscosity, can be good, simple single-fluid grouting, construction equipment.

Product Feature
Ultra high performance
Under water after the reaction, in seconds that curing forming elastic colloidal solids, water stop quickly.
Convenient and quick
Materials of low viscosity, can be good, simple single-fluid grouting, construction equipment.
Waterproof effect is remarkable
Gelation concretion body and permeability is good, high strength, large expansion rate, support stability is good.
Mixer mastering many skills while specializing in
Material response under the influence of water, release carbon dioxide foam expansion, have the function of secondary prevention seepage at the same time.

Key point for Construction
Expanding the leaking parts , cut into the "V" type, washed with water;
In "V" type grooves pre-embedded grouting tip, fixed grouting and plugging king (rapid hardening cement) tip.
The grout injection with grouting machine by grouting tip into the "V" shaped groove, filled with tighten after grouting pipe to prevent slurry overflows (general pressure control at about 0.2 to 0.3 Mpa).
Serum after curing water stop, will appear the filling nozzle of resection, surface with cement mortar screeding, microscopic cracks can be directly according to the 65 ° Angle bury filling nozzle.

Workers need to wear labor insurance supplies.
Perfusion slurry, keeping a close eye on gauge indicates, prevent grouting pipe burst.
Fight the eyes paste and stick on the skin, please use amount of top water wash or go to a doctor to the hospital.
Implement the acetone solvent can be used for cleaning.

Where to use
In addition to the general reinforcement in the basement, hutch room, pool, building distortion seam, construction seam, crack place, waterproof plugging oil soluble polyurethane slurry injection is more suitable for reinforcing the foundation, waterproof plugging and make the request of engineering.

Storage and Transportation
Transportation and storage, and should be avoided to prevent the collision, squeezing, pay attention to ventilation, away from the fire source; Storage temperatures should not be higher than 40 ° C.
Under the condition of normal storage, transportation, shelf life is 12 months.

Packaging Specification
Tin can packaging

Technical Data Sheet
1 Relative density, g/㎡ ≥1.05
2 Viscosity , mpa.s      ≤1.0×1000
3Gel time ,minno data
4 Coagulation time,min≤800
5  Expansion rate,%no data
6Property Waterborne (10 times water)/Sno data
7 Volatile content /% ≥78
8  Foam /% ≥1000
9 Compressive strength /Mpa  ≥6
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