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ZT-509 Water stop strip

  • Basic specification section 20mm×30mm, long 5m, each carton 5 volumes
      Implementation standards:
  • GB18173.3-2002
  • Frequency
Product Description
ZT-509 water stop strip self-adhesive water swelling type is made by special polymer abosorbent material and a variety of synthetic rubber mixing, in a sealed concrete environment, it can swell after water, the gaps between the compacting concrete, form a waterproof plastic colloid, solve the problem of the concrete construction joint leakage.

Product Feature
◆ Water seal, when water infiltrate seal strip buried in the gap , it expands, jams ooze water gap, cut off water seepage channels, prevent leakage;
◆ The overall expansion is good, without dismantling, anti erosion, anti compression, good elasticity, the expansion rate is slow; the pressure resistant ability, impedance can be more than 2.5Mpa;
◆ Self-adhesive installation with self-adhesive, plus a small amount of steel screws to secure, simple construction;
◆ The material plasticity is good, the installation is convenient, non-toxic, no corrosion, used in constraint conditions with permanent water expandable sealing effect.

Where To Use
Can be used in the basement, pool, subway, tunnel, underground buildings or wading concrete construction joint, can be used after concrete pouring belt, wall, floor seam the place such as the resistance of water treatment;
C product has excellent low temperature flexibility and good plasticity, are widely used in alpine tundra, construction with less water, rain water conduit wall and concrete crack leakage control engineering;
S product expansion rate is slow, the alternatives to traditional steel hose and rubber water-stop, widely used in reservoir, sedimentation tank, basements, underground garage, subway, tunnel, culvert, levees and other underground construction engineering and hydraulic engineering.

Technical Data Sheet
1Volume expansion rate1)/%≧150220300
2Flow at high temperature(80℃×5h)no flowno flowno flow
3Low temperature test-20℃×2h)no crackno crackno crack

Installation and Construction
Construction joints which uses steel wire brush after dismantle or high pressure water to clean the surface of sundry, steel surface oil and floating ash;
The isolation of water stop paper, placed in the middle of the longitudinal width of construction joint, and paste it hard;
Joint adopts parallel build by laying bricks or stones of water stop mouth overlap connection method, form a closed, continuous leave no breakpoint;
Pouring concrete as soon as possible after the installation .

Storage and Transportation
Products should be stored in ventilated, cool and dry warehouse, storage temperature 45 ℃, 50 ℃ ;
Products under natural conditions of storage period is one year, more than a year after the re-inspection qualified can use;
Transportation should beware of weathered, fight extrusion.

Packaging Specification
Basic specification section 20mm×30mm, long: 5m;
each carton : 5 volumes;
Special specifications can be customized.

After fixation to pouring water stop before a concrete, should avoid to rain or soaked in water for construction;
Storage and transport of water stop, avoid damp and extrusion.

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