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Waterproof system

Creep Smart Place- Waterproof system

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Product Description

1.C+R:Waterproof Coating + Waterproof Roll, a compound waterproof system composited by waterproof coatings and waterproof membrane
2.E+E:Easy + Efficient,advanced mechanized construction, a new science and technology, so that water becomes simple and efficient.
3.P:Protection,our target is to protect against all kind of leakage ,so as to protect the building.
4.Itelligent bonding,an active waterproof system,the strong adhesive and maintainess,comes for the perfect waterproof art of “CREEP”.

The past and present of "CREEP"
October 2014, CKS launched the " CREEP intelligent bonding waterproofing system",a new concept of waterproof——"intelligent bonding"was launched."CREEP"is cordial outcome of six years of crystallization of CKS,because of its’ new concept of the system and the quality of water effects,many experts praised as "CREEP" will be the "troubled hero"who saved building leakage

1.Become attached to the Olympic Games, to witness the miracle of water
In 2008 China successfully hosted the Olympic Games, the Bird's Nest, Water Cube, National Indoor Stadium and other landmark projects, remarkable.CKS company's products have also being used in the Water Cube, National Indoor Stadium and many other key projects.Before of the Olympics,a heavy rain began to test various types of engineering,finally the Bird's NEST could not withstand the invasion of rain,local leakage occurred.At last a South Korean non-curable coating rubber cover up the leakage flaws.Inspired by Korean products,CKS began to devote themselves to study these products.

2.Patient study, just to go beyond constantly
Before the " CREEP intelligent bonding waterproofing system"launched, CKS has introduced a variety of products related achievements,but we don’t stop there,patient study, just to go beyond constantly.

3.New ideas, Create extraordinary building
" CREEP intelligent bonding waterproofing system"is CKS launched authoritative solutions.With its new concept of system solutions and world-class product quality, we will be able to create more extraordinary buildings.
With the birth of"creep" system,there is also a new birth of waterproof noun——intelligent bonding.intelligent,Why speak a little waterproof material intelligently?"Intelligent” is short called of intelligent repair.
Waterproof material available in the market, all the material once formed, is substantially difficult to change according to the structural layer and make the appropriate adjustments.But the CREEPER intelligent bonding waterproof system with such intelligent repair function.When the structure layer occurs tiny cracks, creep system underlying "creep rubber asphalt waterproof coating" because of their unique curing never creep properties that can automatically fill the cracks in the grassroots,and adapt to grass-roots level deformation, while protecting the upper sheet from the grassroots stress..Thus the formation of such direct and grassroots absolutely fully adhered waterproofing system, like a layer of skin thought to protect the building, is the image of CKS called "intelligent bonding."

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