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HDPE Drainage Board


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Product Description
CKS always focus on technical innovation and product diversification to meet all kinds of customer’s need. CKS has developed new drainage system combined waterproofing, drainage and protection. This product integrates the modern technologies of film-separator waterproofing and drainage, advanced technologies of synthetic materials and processing molding.
Its piano-convex structure separates the base and the surface layer and forms a integral inter space among dense pivots that eliminate the stress and water press. The inter space has the functions of drainage, insulation, soundproofing, ventilation and braiding. The HDPE sheet has high physical function of weather resistance, shock resistance and wear resistance, and has chemical stability. Its installation and application is quickly, safely and environment friendly.

QIFENG advantages
1.Excellent selection of raw materials - our HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) (1)HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) chemical properties is extremely stable,Acid and alkali Resistance anti-plant thorn, flexibility is very good, excellent resistance to tearing ability, excellent impact resistance, impermeable, airtight, performance is not affected at low temperature (-40 ℃), the use of performance remains unchanged over a hundred years in the ground , complete with buildings life.
(2)HDPE (high density polyethylene) to compare with the other waterproof and drainage material
◣ Ps (Polystyrene): There are obvious shortcomings, poor flexibility, very brittle, easily broken, poor impact resistance.
◣ HIPS (high impact polystyrene-resistant): improved impact resistance, HIPS drainage board poor performance in terms of tear, easy to break, easy to tear, hard surface, easy to pierce the lower part of the waterproof layer.
◣ HDPE (High Density Polyethylene): extremely stable chemical properties, acid and alkali, low temperature flexibility is very good, excellent resistance to tearing ability, good impact resistance. Use the same performance over a hundred years in the ground.
NAME High  temperature resistance Low  temperature  resistance acid and  Alkali resistance Anti-aging  resistance Impact  resistance Extended  performance
HDPE good good good good good good
PS average Brittle average average average bad
Anti-drain plate as the sheet permanently used in the complex underground soil environment,we have a responsibility to choose durable and stable performance flexible materials HDPE (high density polyethylene
2.Unique bosses parallel design, great high drainage efficiency
Unique bosses parallel distributed design greatly enhance the drainage efficiency, far better than the orthogonal projection due to lack of distribution design compressive strength design.
Orthogonal distribution terrace
waterproofing and drainage board
 Parallel distribution terrace waterproofing
and drainage board

3.Closed-performance welding process, to ensure a good waterproof effect
Non-flat design lead lap poor sealing, causing dislocation occurs easily during the construction, which can not effectively complete drainage and protection. Lock overlap in the construction process often because grassroots irregular, causing large deformation results can not overlap. Odd sealed plate welded design waterproofing and drainage board construction factors reduce the dislocation caused by the greatest extent, to ensure excellent tightness entire anti-drainage system.
Lock lap Flat welding
4.Big wide standardization of product design, short construction period, to ensure the construction quality and efficiency.
Up to 2.3m wide large standardized product design minimizes overlap and improve the tightness and security of the system, to ensure the construction efficiency, while reducing construction costs.
5.Boss enhance the design, compressive strength is more remarkable.

Garage and roof planting build drainage systems
1.Green roofs and green roof construction project faces two biggest problems
(1)Effective control of water discharge is required to ensure that normally required for planting soil moisture, remove excess water.
(2)Waterproof layer and protective structures, requiring puncture resistant to plant roots, to avoid damage to the waterproof layer and buildings.

Traditional planting roof approach and its defects
(1) increase the building load.
(2) the construction is difficult, high complexity, poor safety.
(3)An additional handicapping root layer, a low cost-effective.
(4) can not effectively protect the waterproof layer, easy to leakage.
(5) Poor drainage efficiency, plant is difficult to survive.
2.QIFENG anti-drain advantages of green roofs / underground construction green roof waterproofing and drainage protection

(1) efficient drainage, to avoid water accumulation.
(2) high strength and puncture resistance plant roots and Lasting protection of waterproof layer and basic structure.
(3) reduce the roof load.
(4) impact resistance, prevent the planting soil damage to drainage board and waterproof layer.
(5) impervious and excellent sealing can achieve very good waterproof, corrosion resistant effect.
(6) Construction is convenient, stable quality guaranteed.
3.Planting roof drainage protection system all kinds of application materials comparing
  pebble Ceramic HDPE drainage  protection board HDPE Comparative  advantage
Thickness cm 15-20 15-20 0.8-1.2 Cut greatly reduced, giving more  space for planting soil
Load kg/m2 >250 >100 0.7-1.3 Low load, security, economic
The protective layer  necessary necessary can be omitted can save the protective layer costs
Root barrier - - good can save root barrier layer costs
Waterproof - - Less better Auxiliary waterproof effect
construction complex complex easy Reduce time, manpower costs

Test items Test results Test basis
Compressive  strength Kpa ≥ 334 Q/SDKS 020-2009
Puncture strength  N ≥ 275 GB/T19978-2005
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