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PLADEN Metal roof


  • 25kg/barrel
      Implementation standards:
  • JG/T375-2012
  • Frequency
Product Description

Metal roof crylic acid high elasticity waterproof coating at the base level is imported pure acrylic emulsion as the main raw material, adding a variety of high quality additives and quality pigments, use of scientific production technology refined from a high-performance metal roofing coatings.Products divide into W101 basic level and W102 surface coating, with the W801 high strength woven polyester fabric sewn to use, seamlessly combined with all kinds of metal roofing or the substrate surface to form a robust integrated composite waterproof coating is a metal roofing the best solution.

Where to use
Apply to metal roofing and other whole roofing substrates or nodes waterproof.As follow:
1. Aluminum manganese plate, color steel, aluminum, galvanized sheet, and other base metal outer appearance
2. Concrete, solid brick outer appearance
3. FRP lighting board, Capron outer plate appearances
4. PVC outer membrane, SBS / APP, EPDM, TPO and other substrates appearances
5. Glass curtain wall outside appearance
(Metal roof waterproofing node: lapped seam metal plate, lighting board, fastening screws, projecting roof duct, fan base, roof, gutter connection joints, fell into the mouth, the metal plate and parapet waterproof junction weak and bleeding drain parts)

Product features
1.Environmentally friendly water-based paint, non-toxic, no construction and environmental safety risks
2.Excellent flexibility and fatigue resistance, can adapt to the metal roof stretching deformation.
3.Excellent stain resistance and weather resistance, reduce the maintenance and lower maintenance costs.
4. Excellent heat insulating and UV reflection performance, extend the useful life of the substrate.
5. Metal plate with strong adhesion, not falling, the effective protection of metal roofing.
6. Coating adapt to -50 ℃ -200 ℃ temperature changes, can accept all kinds of harsh environment test
7. Service life of up to two years or more
8. Open bucket that is used, the construction is simple and convenient

Primary treatment
Check metal roof carefully before construction, to ensure a solid, no rust, no water, dust, traces of oil, dirt and other loose material composition. Does not meet these conditions should be treated separately as follows:
1. Replace rusty firmware, and increases firmware in the right position
2. Sand the rusted area clean and polished until the rendering metal colors
3. Clear water, dust, oil stains, rust, dirt and other loose material composition

Construction technology
1. Part of the pre-coat over W101 waterproof acrylic high elastic waterproof coating base layer (coating amount of 40m2 / 25KG)
2. The coating is still wet paste covered with a good crop size suitable W801 woven polyester fabric sewn and ensure smooth brush without hollowing, do not wrinkle
3. The surface brushing W101 acrylic high elastic waterproof coating grassroots again, so woven polyester fabric sewn layers full infiltration (coating amount of 40m2 / 25KG)
4. After 12 hours grassroots cure the coating, on top once again brushing 1-2 times W102 acrylic high elastic waterproof surface coating (coating amount 40m2 / 25KG), until completely dry.

Application instructions
1.Construction tools: stirrer,stiff brush (not available brush wool), scrapers, rollers and so on. Wash with water immediately after completion of construction
2. A single-layer coating applied rate base layer is generally 40 m2 / 25KG; woven polyester fabric sewn actual utilization rate of 90%; the effective lap width woven polyester fabric sewn between the width of the 10%; actual coating rate because of the metal roof conditions, different construction methods vary.
3.Woven polyester fabric sewn tailoring standard: waterproof layer area of the metal roof fastening screw is generally 0.01 meters (10CM × 10CM); width of the horizontal overlap waterproof layer is 25CM; width vertical overlapping waterproof layer is 15 CM ; width on both sides of the ridge overlapping waterproof layer is 25CM, etc., the width of the waterproof layer is preferably be based on highly-site base Wabo peak combined construction requirements.

1.Do not construct when the temperature is below 5 ℃, humidity greater than 85% or is raining or snowing, sandstorm days,
2.Can wash with water before the paint dried.
3.After waterproof construction, the completion of normal curing for 3-5 days, prohibited stampede and destruction.

Technical Data Sheet(JG/T375-2012)
1Solids content/% ≥65
2Non-treatment Tensile strength/Mpa ≥1.5
3Non-treatment elongation at break/% ≥150
4Tear strength/(N/mm) ≥12
5Water absorption/% ≤15
6Impermeability0.3MPa,30min impermeable
7Heat resistance90℃,5h No blistering, flaking, cracking
8Flexibility at low temperature-30℃,1h No cracks, and not from the substrate
9Strip Adhesion/(N/mm) ≥0.30
10Heat treatmentRetention of tensile strength/%  ≥80
Elongation at break/% ≥100
11Soaking treatmentRetention of tensile strength/% ≥80
Elongation at break/% ≥100
12Acid treatmentRetention of tensile strength/% ≥80
Elongation at break/% ≥100
13Artificial weathering processRetention of tensile strength/% ≥80
 Elongation at break/% ≥100
14Heating expansion rateElongation/% ≤1.0
Shorten/% ≤1.0
15Stain resistance (white and light-colored)/% <20
16Solar reflectance (white) ≥0.80
17Hemispherical emissivity ≥0.80
NOTE: W101 grassroots conventional paint color is light green, W102 conventional surface coating color is white, toning can provide customized services.

Shelf life: 24 months

Specifications: 25KG / barrel

Storage and transportation
Store in a cool ventilated place, tightly sealed. In transit can not be reversed, damage, collision, avoid sunlight, rain and ice. The product is water-based, non-toxic, odorless, non-flammable, non-explosive belong to the "non-dangerous goods rules"
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