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PLADEN Metal roof


  • 25kg / barrel
      Implementation standards:
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Product Description
W103 is a gutter dedicated high-elastic waterproof coating which refined from a high quality imported acrylic emulsions and additives, pigments and fillers. When construction,it need preparation a high-strength inorganic powder to used. And its two-component slurry combined with woven polyester fabric sewn to form an integrated waterproof layer, solving the metal roof gutter leakage, corrosion and other issues completely.

Where to use
Suitable for concrete roof gutter, gutters and sewers of metal roof for anti-leakage and anti-corrosion

Product features
1.Environmentally friendly water-based paint, non-toxic, no construction and environmental safety risks
2.Strong coating adhesion , with excellent resistance to immersion, resistance to erosion, seepage, corrosion resistance
3.Adapt to -50 ℃ -200 ℃ temperature changes, can accept all kinds of harsh environment test
4.Service life of up to two years or more

Primary treatment
1. Before construction, to ensure a solid base surface gutter, smooth, no clear water, no oil, no leakage
2. Gutter leakage area, fell into the mouth, joints and other parts of the complex have to be done a additional layer process:
The additional layer treatable parts precoated metal roof over W101 high elastic waterproof coating grassroots, stick covered with a good cut right size W801 woven polyester fabric sewn when the coating is still wet, and then brushing W101 high elastic waterproof Primary coating at the surface again and made the polyester cloth full infiltrate, ensure that no hollowing, do not wrinkle until dryness.

Construction technology
1.The ratio of gutter water slurry formulation weight : W103: white cement = 10: 3.5
2.Before preparation,should well-stirred W103 first, according to the configuration proportion,adding white cement (P.W 42.5 grade) then stir it with a stirrer until the slurry does not contain aggregate
3.Brushing the stirred slurry gutter waterproof (or knife coating, roll) in the pre-made waterproof additional layer gutter surface (coating amount of 40m2 / 25KG)
4. Covered with a good crop size suitable W801 reinforced polyester fabric when the coating is still wet paste, (polyester fabric lap width is generally between 10CM) and ensure smooth brush without hollowing, do not wrinkle
5. Brushing a good gutter water slurry in the surface again (coating amount of 40m2 / 25KG) and made it fully infiltrated.
6. After the gutter waterproof coating grassroots cured for 12 hours, brushing gutter water slurry again(coating amount of 40m2 / 25KG) until all dry
7. Construction tools: stirrer, stiff brush (not available brush wool), scrapers, rollers and so on.

1.Do not construction in rain and snow, sandstorm days,as well as when the temperature is below 5 ℃ and humidity greater than 85% ,
2. The preparation of a good gutter waterproof slurry should be used up within four hours
3. After completion,wash construction tools with water immediately
4. After construction, should maintain in normal condition for 3-5 days, and prohibit to destruction and stampede

Storage: Store in a cool ventilated place, tightly sealed to prevent the sun and rain and cold;

Transport: Water environmentally friendly products, non-flammable non- explosive, no construction risk, is non-dangerous goods transport rules

Shelf life: 24 months

Specifications:25KG / barrel
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PLADEN Metal roof
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