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PLADEN Metal roof


  • 25kg / barrel
      Implementation standards:
  • JGT 375-2012
  • Frequency
Product Description
W202 multifunction thermal insulation waterproof coating is the latest development of efficient reflective insulation coatings, selection of imported high-grade pure acrylic emulsion and various additives refined, suitable for metal roof and concrete building roof insulation and waterproof finishing. Apart from the coating has excellent reflective insulation properties, high elasticity, its excellent weathering properties can also give concrete and metal roof provide continuous waterproof protection.It is the upgrade products of traditional SLITY insulation coating.

Where to use
1.Metal roofing and concrete roofing insulation and seepage
2.Insulation to protect all types of equipment, pipelines, storage tanks, telecommunications base stations, etc.
3. Heat protect to non-exposed using asphalt, polyurethane and other waterproof layer base surface

Product features
1.Green, non-toxic and harmless, without any construction and environmental safety risks
2.Under hot environment,can reduce the roof temperature 15-25 ℃, reduce the indoor temperature 5-12 ℃ effectively, energy saving and its economical advantages are obvious
3.High-elastic gel coating, excellent adhesion and fatigue resistance, thermal insulation, anti-seepage, noise reduction, corrosion, mold, etc. Multifunctional
4.Excellent weather resistance and stain resistance, to ensure that the reflective insulation coating will not index aging or decaying dust and other factors
5.Coating adapt to -50 ℃ -200 ℃ temperature changes, can accept all kinds of harsh environment test, the service life of up to two years
6. Up to the standard "reflective insulation coatings on metal roofing use shall meet JGT 375-2012 metal roofing acrylic high elastic waterproof coating index" which the request by the Ministry of Construction JGT 235-2014 building standards for reflective insulation coating

Insulation construction technology
1.Construction of concrete roof insulation
(1) Polishing, cleaning, removing the deposits and mildewing the steel concrete by steel brush., then wash it with water.
(2) After the cleaned roof drying, using waterproof insulation coating W201 alkali closed bottom again, coating amount of 5 square meters / KG
(3) W201 construction dryness after 8 hours, and then applied again on the roof W202 multifunction waterproof insulation coating, the coating monolayer remained at 80m2 / 25KG
(4) After eight hours to dry, again brushing W202 multifunction waterproof insulation coatings, single layer coating and quantity should maintained at 80m2 / 25KG
2.Metal roofing / corrosion / heat insulation construction
(1) Check metal roofing carefully before construction, to ensure the roofing solid, no rust.If the firmware and roof is rust seriously,it needs to be replaced, and increase the firmware in the right place; at the same time, need to remove the water, dust, traces of oil, dirt and other loose material of roof.
(2)The roof which are corrosion significantly shoud use the W302 ultra-weather anti-corrosion to do a primer in base embalmed (construction reference W302);
(3) After corrosion primer to dry, do waterproofing to leak nodes of of metal roofing. (Please refer to our product W101 construction program, but only need to do two a cloth coat, top coat without making W102)
(4)After W101 node waterproof coating to dry 12 hours, first coating on the overall roof with W202 multifunction waterproof insulation coating, and the coating monolayer remained at 80m2 / 25KG; After the first heat insulating coat dried 8 hours, coating it again and the coating monolayer remained at 80m2 / 25KG
(5) After application,should normal conservation for 3-5 days, prohibiting the destruction during the stampede
Note: For better maintenance situation, no rust, no leakage of metal roofing, omitted the underlying corrosion and waterproofing technology node, insulating coatings applied construction directly.

Application instructions
1.Construction tools: a stirrer, a stiff brush (not available brush wool), rollers, etc., the construction is completed immediately wash with water.
2.Roller, brush and other methods.
3.W202 replace the use of W102 waterproof in metal roofing and roofing node waterproof construction, it can provide superior UV resistance surface coatings, the details of construction please refer to the Construction Description of W102
4. The actual amount of coating paint in different construction conditions, manner and substrate conditions, there will be some differences

Technical Data Sheet(JG/T375-2012)
1Solids content/% ≥65
2Non-treatment Tensile strength/Mpa ≥1.5
3Non-treatment elongation at break/% ≥150
4Tear strength/(N/mm) ≥12
5Water absorption/% ≤15
6Impermeability0.3MPa,30min impermeable
7Heat resistance90℃,5h No blistering, flaking, cracking
8Flexibility at low temperature-30℃,1h No cracks, and not from the substrate
9Strip Adhesion/(N/mm) ≥0.30
10Heat treatmentRetention of tensile strength/%  ≥80
Elongation at break/% ≥100
11Soaking treatmentRetention of tensile strength/% ≥80
Elongation at break/% ≥100
12Acid treatmentRetention of tensile strength/% ≥80
Elongation at break/% ≥100
13Artificial weathering processRetention of tensile strength/% ≥80
 Elongation at break/% ≥100
14Heating expansion rateElongation/% ≤1.0
Shorten/% ≤1.0
15Stain resistance (white and light-colored)/% <20
16Solar reflectance (white) ≥0.83
17Hemispherical emissivity ≥0.86

Construction conditions
Construction should choose sunny, ambient temperature should be in the range of 5-40 ℃, relative humidity below 85% preferably,do not construct if the temperature is below 5 ℃.

Storage warranty
Store in a cool ventilated place, tightly sealed, shelf life of two years

Specifications: 25KG / barrel

Handling and transportation
Hande with care. Can not be reversed, damage and collision, avoid sunlight, rain and freeze. The product is water-based, non-toxic, odorless, non-flammable, non-explosive, belong to the "non-dangerous goods rules"
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