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Product Description

High elastic weather resistance waterproof sealant is an aqueous polymer composite sealing material.With strong elastic elongation, suitable for metal roofing,wet concrete, glass, and other interface construction, has Excellent waterproof sealing effect.This product not only can form a strong bond with the metal, but also with a variety of interfacial concrete, plastic and other solid,form an effective sealing adhesive, can solve the leaking problem of all the complex interface.

Where to use
1.The metal roofing node sealed, waterproof.
2.Metal roofing sheet metal anti-corrosion treatment.
3.All kinds of pipe root position such as wall, water mouth, pile head and all kinds of marginal parts of a node seal enhancement processing.
4. Various types of concrete parts seal, waterproof, moisture-proof.
5.Asphalt and PVC, TPO and all kinds of waterproofing membrane interfacial bonding and node sealed process.
6 .Glass, plastic, and other special materials base surface bonded,sealed process.

Product features
▶ Construction convenient, open cans at once when use, directly applied, room temperature curing.
▶High elastic weather resistance, with good conformability and, cracking aging ability to adapt to the large deformation of joint parts,can meet the demanding metal roofing material waterproof, anti-corrosion process requirements.
▶Good compatibility of different waterproof material, different media have good bonding capacity, ease of handling complex node, Yin angle and other parts.
▶Water-based products, non-toxic and pollution-free, green, environment-friendly.
▶With micro creep strength properties of the adhesive, after construction, the longer the stronger interfacial adhesion
▶Coating weathering resistance, adapt to -20 ℃ -120 ℃environmental changes, more than 5 years life cycle.

Main performance index
Item Index
appearance Black paste
Solid content /% 55±5
Heat resistance /℃ 120±2
no flowing, sliding, dropping
Impermeability 0.10MPa,30min no seepage
Bond strength /MPa ≥ 0.30
Surface drying time /h   ≤ 8
Fully dry time /h   ≤ 24
Low temperature flexibility
Standard conditions -15
Alkali treatment -10
Heat treatment
UV treatment
Elongation at break
/% ≥
Standard conditions 600
Alkali treatment
Heat treatment
UV treatment

Construction Technology
1.various types of substrates bonded nodes, sealing and waterproofing:
Direct brush with a stiff brush or scraper blade coating and filling parts of the node to be processed
2.metal roofing waterproofing node:
Metal roofing sheet metal lap joint, waterproofing fan base, pipes, gutters, and various other parts of the yin angle, can be used with our W801 woven polyester fabric sewn products, and with reference to W101 / W102 acrylic high elastic metal roofing a three-coat waterproof coating cloth waterproof technology for construction.
3.corrosion of metal roofing:
roll W502 directly with a roller on embalmed metal roof which needs to be done , coating amount 0.5KG / square meters, the complex details of the site and are applied with a stiff brush to ensure overall coverage closure
1.To avoid construction under snow and sand temperature below 5 ℃ environment
2.To ensure construction of the base surface no clear water, no rust floating skin, no oil and loose debris
3.More than two days after construction maintenance is prohibited during the stampede damage
Storage requirements
Cool, dry, ventilated environment, to prevent direct sunlight, suitable storage temperature 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃

Shelf life
Six months ,past their expiration date but passing inspection can still be used.
20KG / bucket

Transport requirements
Non-flammable product, according to general cargo transport, transport to prevent the collision, inversion, extrusion, exposure to rain, keep the packaging intact.
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PLADEN Metal roof
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