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Waterproof coating

K11 Colorized waterproof mortar(E-108)

  • 20 kg/barrel
      Implementation standards:
  • Frequency
Product Description

K11 Colorized waterproof mortar is according to ELOKT company's proprietary technology, using the penetration mechanism of crystalline materials on the permeability of concrete, combined with the polymer emulsion and concrete and cement mortar base special adhesive, water retention, and certain flexibility, with wool stoma of concrete permeable crystallization, as well as the base to form a whole consistent with dual compound waterproof material waterproof function of integration.



Product Features

1. The coating has the inhibit the growth of mold, can prevent moisture, salt of decorative surface pollution;

2. On the complex rough base construction;

3. The nonpoisonous and harmless, can be directly used for drinking, pools and fish pond;

4. To cover the cracks, micro withstand minor shock;

5. Size can directly stickup ceramic tile or plaster leveling;

6. Can be in damp base surface construction.


Construction Technology

1. The base surface treatment: base must be strong, clean, smooth, moist, without oil and floating ash; The base surface with pores, cracks and other defects, repaired with cement mortar screeding in advance; Inside and outside Angle with a spatula and to make up half the rounded;

2. Stirring to mixing : according to the mixing ratio add additive into the container, then slowly add powder into the additives, at the same time fully stir until do not contain particles, uniform glue paste can be used; In use process must keep stirring, intermittent case stratified precipitation; Mixing ratio: liquid (additive) : powder = 1:2. 77 (weight ratio);

3. Construction: directly with brush or roller coating on the base, using uniform, do not leak brush; If used in damp, need to besmear to brush a layer; Used for waterproof, need to besmear to brush two to three layers. When the first layer of dry solid to just not glue the hand (usually takes 1-2 hours), can besmear to brush the second layer, every two layer brushing direction should be perpendicular to the intersection.

Where to use

Apply to the following moistureproof waterproof engineering:

1. Indoor and outdoor structure of cement concrete, cement, brick wall, light brick wall structure;

2. The floor wall floor, kitchen, bathroom, planter, ground, garage;

3. The consumption of pool, swimming pool, fish pond, sewage treatment ponds;

4. Apply brick stone material, ceramic tile, wood flooring, wall paper, gypsum board before on the substrate of a front end processing.



Technical Data Sheet

Tensile strength≥1.8Mpa
Elongation at break≥80%
Permeability resistance≥0.6Mpa
Adhesive strength≥1.0Mpa
Solid  content≥70%


Dosage of Reference

Waterproof for no hydrostatic pressure, flow rate of membrane thickness of about 1 mm, 1.5-2.0 kg / ㎡

Used for important waterproof, coating thickness of about 2 mm, 2.5-4.0 kg / ㎡

Safety Matters

This product is alkaline, should avoid contact with the skin for a long time to avoid a large number of inhalation of dust and pay attention to protect the eyes, the eyes, rinse with clear water and go to a doctor as soon as possible. This product non-toxic harmless, belong to environmental protection product.


Matters Attention

Limit the use in the following circumstances:

1. Building vibration and displacement contraction than most;

2. The structure of the expansion joints, deformation cracks, settlement joint, the post-pouring belt, wall tube sealing, etc.


Packaging, Transport and Storage

1. This product is 20 kg/barrel;

During transportation, prevent the sharp and cold, pay attention to protect packaging;

3. Storage: the product stored at 5 ℃ and 40 ℃ ventilated dry room, pay attention to moistureproof. 

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