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Waterproof coating

E - 12 mortar waterproofing agent

  • 1 kg/barrel, 5 kg/barrel
      Implementation standards:
  • JC474-2008
  • Frequency
Product Description

E - 12 Elokt mortar waterproofing agent is our company using the latest technology in the

production of a new type water, solvent free efficient mortar, waterproof material is

suitable for all kinds of waterproof mortar layer. Products not only can improve the

waterproof performance of mortar, and can improve the cohesiveness of the mortar and

interface, at the same time improve the workability and water retention of mortar



Where to use

1. Hutch, pool, basement, warehouse, tunnel between external walls, floor, roof, the

overall waterproof moisture-proof construction;

2. To meet the water or the back surface of the waterproof moisture-proof construction.




Product Features

1. Environmental protection non-toxic, no pollution, no harmful substances volatile;

2. Show if the waterproof effect, permanent waterproof. Waterproofing agent can put Elokt mortar cement mortar on the produced during the solidification of wool stoma all filling, jams, 10-20 mm overall form the mortar layer of waterproof layer, to achieve

permanent waterproof, moistureproof, lifelong not leak;

3. The construction is convenient to use, average bricklayers can refer to the instructions

for operation, truly "once and for all";

4. The cost is low, whlie doning screed-coat completes the waterproof construction, save

work time, kill two birds with one stone. Cement, sand, can use local materials, no

increase in the amount of cement, sand, at the same time.


Construction Method

1. To the construction site to clean, water wettability, but there can be no water;

2. With water dilution ratio of 1:60;

3. Use diluted waterproofing agent and cement  according to 1:2 to form a waterproof

mortar, besmear to brush or with 1 or 2 times, 2 mm thickness;

4. Stay mortar table dry (about 30 minutes), the waterproofing agent after using dilute with

cement, sand, according to 1:2: (5-6) to form a waterproof mortar, such as plane can be

again, about 15 to 20 mm thick; Such as elevation, it is advisable to apply two times, each

time the thickness of about 6 to 8 mm;

5. 20 hours after construction, water conservation, 2-3 days in direct sunlight to note well




Matters  Attention

1. The modulation of waterproof mortar, use 32.5 R ordinary Portland cement or higher

grade silicate cement, sand should be dry, clean (silt content is less than 3%, moisture

content is below 15%, the more the better clean sand);

2. Can only use diluted "Elokt mortar waterproofing agent" with cement, sand mixing into waterproof mortar or waterproof mortar, may also add water or other liquid.

3. Waterproof mortar screeding, compaction, the root of the floor drain, casing, sanitary

ware, hot and cold water pipes laid the chisel groove on waterproof construction site,

careful to do, inside and outside Angle parts should make circular arc or use the internal Angle float with real, whole waterproof mortar layer may not appear porosity, crack;

4. Such as waterproof, the product used for concrete according to 1:100 scale water; 1

cubic meter of concrete with concentrated waterproofing agent about 2 kilograms


Dosage of Reference

Every 5 kg concentrated Elokt mortar waterproofing agent can stir about 500 kg of

cement and sand, 1300-1500 kg to 20 mm thick layer of waterproof mortar

construction about 55 square meters.


Safety Guidelines

This product is a water-based non-toxic products, when using, please cut on the gloves

and other protective measures, accidentally or sticky clothes, please use clear water is

rinsed clean.

Transportation and Storage

1. This product is not easy to bake and explosive materials, according to general cargo

transportation, transportation and storage should prevent sun, cold;

2. Product warranty 12 months;

3. The packaging specifications: 1 kg/barrel, 5 kg/barrel

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