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Waterproof coating

E-300 "Runtu" multi-performance waterproof coating for roofing

  • 4.5 kg/barrel, 9 kg/barrel, 18 kg/barrel
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Product Description

E-300 "Run tu" roof with multi-functional waterproof coating is a kind of waterborne waterproof coating, excellent aging resistance, adhesion, flexibility and range of motion, can be used to expose type of roofing waterproof, heat insulation, at the same time protect and prolong the service life of roofing materials.


Product Features

1. 100% good weatherability of acrylic resin as base material of environmental protection is waterproof coating, can be used for a variety of substrate surface, elastic, can slow shocks, and form a dense layer of waterproof membrane and prevent water penetration;

2. Excellent weather resistance, can resist strong ultraviolet light; antibacterial, mouldproof and are available in various colors to choose;

3. Can be directly used as exterior wall facing;

4. Both waterproof and heat insulation and decoration function.


Where to use

1. The old and new exposed roof waterproof and decoration, the canopy, balcony, heat insulation heat preservation;

2. Local maintenance bare roof;

3. The roofing waterproof layer after repair of original cover face decoration protection;

4. The spray insulation facing protection decoration processing;

5. Decorate the exterior facade waterproof and can be used as exterior wall coating.


Construction Technology

1. Basic level must be solid, level off, without water, floating ash, oil, inside and outside corner into a circular arc Angle.

2. Will the construction within the scope of the nozzle, roof gutter, eaves gutter, inside and outside Angle of node location make precoating seal processing first, and strengthen tire base material in the coating process of the shop is stuck for enhanced processing (grid cloth, non-woven fabric);

3. Surface waterproof layer should adopt the method of thin coating of many times, and generally brush 2-3 times to complete, the time interval of each layer of coat dry solid is not glue the hand, before the next surface must be with on a vertical surface direction, in order to achieve the effect of coating uniform, conditional can use mechanical spraying method construction;

4. If you need place to strengthen the base material, should be smooth without creasing paving to stay dry in wet coating; Then on the tire base surface adequately, make form integrated waterproof coating permeability, in the foetus smooth coating on the surface of the base should be full, ensure that the waterproof effect;

5. Tire base and waterproof coating thickness shall be not less than 1.0 mm. Coating completely dry solid temperature about 2-3 days, don't ventilation or damp environment, dry solid time will be extended;

6. When do the waterproof layer upon layer construction, must after coating is dry solid.


Technical Data Sheet



 standard base

Solid content   

≥65%JC / T864-2008

Elongation at break


Tensile strength  


Low temperature flexibility

-10℃,No crack 



Drying time ,h

Surface drying time ,h


Fully drying time,h


Water vapor transmission rate 

34.28/㎡/24hrASTM E96:94

Ultraviolet ray aging resistance 


No crack ASTM G63:93

Operating Temperature 


More than 5℃


Matters Attention

1. Should not be below 5 ℃ temperature under construction;

2. Rain and snow days, sandstorm days can't construction;

3. Have water, leakage part should be handle in advance before construction;

4. Clean up: sticking to the tool coating on the best clothes with water to remove when paint did not dry solid, dry solid coating only in mechanical way to clear;

5. Safety measures: this product is a water-based non-toxic products, please wear gloves and other protective measures.


Dosage of Reference

Roofing waterproof: 1.5 2 kg/m2 Facing outside waterproof: 0.5 1 kg/square meters

Floor moistureproof: 1.0 kg/square meters


Packaging and Storage 

4.5 kg/barrel, 9 kg/barrel, 18 kg/barrel

Stored in no less than 5 ℃ indoor, to keep dry and cool



Stored in no less than 5 ℃ indoor, to keep a cool and dry;

For the unsealed product shelf life 12 months.

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