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Waterproof coating

Efficient exterior wall waterproofing agent (E-502)

  • 5 kg/tin
      Implementation standards:
  • JC/T902-2002
  • Frequency
Product Description

Elokt high efficiency outer wall waterproofing agent is a kind of waterborne without solvent smell, durable effect of a hydrophobic waterproof material, yellowing, does not affect the original color base material, no sticky, not the wool stoma block base material, does not affect the base material of "breathing", can be used to deal with internal and external wall leakage, and can effectively prevent mould to grow.



Where to use

Applicable to a variety of base material, such as cement mortar, concrete, tile, stone material or coating, etc.


Product Features

1. The new and old metope appears leakage, no need to remove the original veneer, can direct spraying or brushing, have good waterproof effect and does not affect the original veneer appearance, color and quality.

2. The permeability is strong, can quickly form of lotus leaf effect obviously.

3. After solid back glue, not sticky dust, not in the act the role of the surface film, good durability.

4. The acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance.

5. Good workability, can besmear to brush, roller or spray, simple and easy to use.

6. Harmless, non-toxic environmentally friendly products.



Basic Level Processing

1. The base for construction must be strong, clean, no dust.

2. Base small pore, sand holes, cracks must be repaired screeding in advance.



Construction Method

1. The waterproofing agent with atomizer spraying or brush besmear to brush to the surface;

2. When the first time has not yet completely dry before painting or coating and the second time (that is, the wet touch wet spraying method), recommend spraying or brushing twice more, in order to achieve the best effect;

3. Extra at base or waterproofing agent on the surface of the tile should be timely clean with dry cloth or sponge.


Matters Attention

1. The construction environment temperature by 5 ℃ to 35 ℃ advisable;

2. Before spraying, the base surface must be dry and without water;

3. Construction if encounter rain, please stop construction, and will cover protection has construction area.


Packaging and Storage 

1. This product is not flammable and explosive, non-dangerous goods, according to general cargo transportation, transportation should avoid extrusion to keep packing in good condition, and prevent sun, cold;

2. The product is stored in a cool, ventilated, dry place, storage temperature should be 5 ℃ to 30 ℃;

3. Under the condition of normal transportation storage, not opened product shelf life of 12 months;

4. Packing: 5 kg/cans, 25 kg/cans.


Dosage of Reference

Spray two times the amount of: 0.1 kg - 0.2 kg / ㎡, the actual amount would depend on the degree of density of base material.


Safety Guidelines

This product is a water-based non-toxic products, please put on the gloves and other protective measures when using, accidentally or sticky clothes, please use clear water is rinsed clean.



Recommend the use of small area before the trial, this product USES is beyond our control range, the company does not undertake because all the responsibility and loss caused by incorrect use.

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