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Other auxiliary materials

Interface agent

  • 9 kg/barrel, 18 kg/barrel
      Implementation standards:
  • JC/T907-2002
  • Frequency
Product Description

Basic Level Processing

For construction base to clean, remove all dust, oil stains, dirt and other loose materials.

Construction Method

1. Used as a wall or ceramic tile on the back of the strengthening treatment:

 According to the interface agent: cement= 1:2 ratio, electric blender mixing, and then paste mixture with brush besmear brushes metope to or ceramic tile on the back of the pig hair brush (recommended), require forcibly reciprocating besmear equably, in order to improve the permeability of interface agent, coating thickness in 1-2 mm processing layer hair advisable, after curing can be the next process (such as with shop sticks ceramic tile, ceramic tile adhesive or mortar can effectively reduce the rate of empty drum).

2. Used as cement mortar plastering layer of additives:

According to the cement: arenaceous = 1: (2.5 3), then mix with the right amount of interface agent.

3. Used as a ground processing interface:

Use brush or roller in the concrete or other surface evenly interface agent, closed interface float ash. Improve the surface strength and enhance leveling mortar and the cohesive force.

Where to use

1. Can be used for wall, ceramic tile on the back of the enhancement;

2. The additives used for cement mortar plastering layer;

3. Used to deal with the interface on the ground.

Matters attention

1. The construction environment temperature by 5 ℃, 35 ℃ advisable;

2. The coating can be completely after curing processing interface construction of next working procedure.

Safety Guidelines

This product is a water-based, non-toxic products, please put on the gloves and other protective measures when using, accidentally or sticky clothes, please rinse off with clear water immediately.

Packaging, Transport and Storage

1. Excluding the inflammable and explosive goods and dangerous goods, according to general cargo transportation, transportation should avoid extrusion to keep packing in good condition, and prevent sun, cold;

2. The product is stored in a cool, ventilated, dry place, storage temperature should be 5 ℃ - 30 ℃;

3. Under the condition of normal transportation storage, not opened product shelf life of 12 months;

Dosage of Reference

Such as interface slurry coating thickness of 2 mm layer, interface agent about 2 kg / ㎡, such as direct interface agent, 1 kg theory brushing area of about 10 square meters.

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Other auxiliary materials
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