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Tile grout series

E-ST 2 in 1 chromatic joint grout

  • 20 kg/bag
      Implementation standards:
  • Frequency
Product Description

Where to use

Pasting and caulking for mosaic,kinds of small paper ceramic tile.


Product Feature

1.Pasting and caulking at the same time during the construction, saving time and labor.

2.Suitable for ceramic, mosaic and small paper ceramic tile.

3.This applies to both wall and floor. 

4.Permeability resistance and aging resistance.


Construction Technology

1. The base surface treatment: for construction foundation surface should be clean,smooth, firm, without on powder sand phenomenon;

2. Stirring and mixing: water poured into the container first, and then add the powder in proportion, fully with electric mixer to form a knot uniform paste, let stand for 2-3 minutes to stir slightly again use;

3. Mixing proportion: 【water: powder = (4.8 5.2) Kg: 20 Kg.】

4. Construction technology

(1) with a scraper or ash knife gap filling agent mixture homogeneous batch of ceramic tile on the back, put on in the paper and filled with brick joints with 6 mmx6mm tooth type scraper of caulking agent evenly onto the working plane, each batch of about 1 ㎡, then put the paper ceramic tile on the shop is stuck in, and scraper real;

(2) paste the construction completion, about 30 minutes later, the room temperature water wetting ceramic tile surface paper, and then peel off the paper;

(3) to repair defective brick joints, dry after fixation with a slightly damp sponge to wipe away excess slurry, pay attention to avoid the slurry in brick joints from being taken out;

(4) complete 24 hours after the shop is stuck, available water clean ceramic tile surface.



Matters Attention

1. Before the construction must first confirm the surface roughness and perpendicular base;

2. This product is suitable in the 5 to 35 ℃ environment construction;

3. Must be on a batch of the situation at the beginning of the sizing agent on the surface of the stem affix ceramic tile shop before;

4. Don't mix hard of slurry water after use.



Technical Data Sheet




Tensile adhesive strength ,MPa ≥


After flooding tensile adhesive strength,MPa ≥

Hot tensile adhesive strength after the cold,MPa ≥

After freezing and thawing cycle tensile adhesive strength,MPa ≥

Open assembly time ,20min tensile adhesive strength,MPa ≥

  Abrasion resistance,mm3 <


Shrinkage value,mm/m <


 Anti-fold strength ,MPa >


Anti-fold strength ,MPa >


  Water absorption ( g )

30 min <5.0
240 min <10


Dosage of reference

5-7 kg / ㎡ (ceramic tile surface roughness and paper size and thickness will affect the dosage)



Packaging and Storage

1. This product is 20 kg/bag;

2. This product should be stored in a cool and dry place, not unsealed product can be kept up to 12 months.


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