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Water resistance putty series

E-S81 Base used anti-cracking water resistance putty

  • 20 kg/bag
      Implementation standards:
  • Frequency
Product Description

Where to use

1. Suitable for leveling of rough cement mortar or concrete surface metope, provide a good base for the surface putty, reduces dosage of putty on the surface, thus reducing the project cost;

2. Suitable for leveling the ceiling;

3. Suitable for indoor, metope of leveling.


Product Features

1. The product of only group share, add water gently used, to ensure the construction quality.

2. Resistance to penetration, stay dry wall;

3. Low shrinkage rate, avoid cracks;

4. Mutual affinity, strong cohesive force;

5. Good workability, simple and convenient construction;

6. Non-toxic, no radiation, environmental protection products.


Construction Technology

Base processing】

Construction surface should be clean, stable, without oily be soiled, stains and other loose materials. In general, the base level need not wet. If the weather is particularly hot, dry or base material bibulous rate is high, is appropriate to drench water wetting base level, but the construction, the base should be no water;

Stirring and mixing】

First to add water in proportion to the container, then slowly pour into powder, with an electric mixer at the same time into uniform no grain of paste, let stand for 5 minutes and make a little stir again can use.

Mixing ratio: 【 water: powder = (6-7 kg: 25 kg) 】.

Construction and maintenance 】

1. Stir with scraper will good putty with the base surface, and then, generally to shave with 1 ~ 2 times (depending on the base surface flatness and roughness);

2. Each time the construction is about 1 ~ 2 mm thickness, time interval between two times construction for 2 ~ 4 hours.

3.Putty after completion of construction, the general weather conditions do not need maintenance, when the weather special hot, can pour water curing;

4. After waiting for putty layer of dry solid (24 hours), may surface of putty construction be carried out.


Technical Data Sheet

                      Item                                                    Index


Powder,uniform,no lumps


Gray or white

Amount of adding water

Every package of 15kg,about 6-7kg of water requirement

Construction thickness

Layer: 1,1-2mm;2:2-4mm

Referrence dosage

1.5kg/m2/mm,Every package of 15kg,calculated on the total of 2mm, about 8m2 construction


Matters Attention

1. This product is suitable for use in 5 to 40 ℃ environment;

2. Can't the rain under the condition of construction;

3. Stir well putty should be finished in 2 to 3 hours, shall be maintained during intermittent stirring;

4. Avoid by all means will have hard putty water mixing before use.


Health and Safety

This product is alkaline, should avoid contact with the skin for a long time to avoid a large number of inhalation of dust and pay attention to eye protection, such as the eyes, please rinse immediately with plenty of water and see the doctor in time.



Dosage of Reference

About 1.5 kg / ㎡ / mm (surface roughness, can affect the dosage)

Packaging and storage of

This product is 20 kg/bag, should be stored in ventilated, dry place, pay attention to moisture;

Submissions of product, shelf life 12 months.


Product Color

Gray, white



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