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Waterproof coating

K11 flexible plaster waterproof coating (E - 103)

  • 4.5 kg/set, 9 kg/set, 18 kg/set, kg/set (11 + 25)kg/set
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Product Description

Polymercement waterproof coating (JSlll type) is a kind of two-component polymer modified cement based waterproof coating, the product by the polymer emulsion additive and a good selection of high quality cement, graded aggregate and additives with powder.

Liquid and powder in certain proportion to cooperate after forming a layer of flexible

waterproof film, the film has good affinity to concrete and mortar, able to combine closely

with the formation of strong permanent, prevent water infiltration, so as to achieve excellent waterproof effect.



Where to use

Apply to the following moistureproof waterproof engineering:

1. The hutch room, pool, swimming pool waterproof seepage control;

2. The overall waterproof interior walls;

3. Suitable for the activity of the smaller use. At the local level.



Product Features

1.The waterproof layer can be directly paste adornment layer after dry solid

2.Can effectively avoid whiskering phenomenon

3.Have certain flexibility, and strong stick relay at the grass-roots level

4.Can be in damp base surface construction

5.Non-toxic, water-based environmentally friendly products

6. Two-component water-based polymer waterproof coating


Construction method

1. The base surface treatment: base should level off, without empty drum, remove all dust, oil stains, dirt and other loose materials, apparent porosity, sand holes must be filled with cement mortar. Such as high temperature or the base surface is dry, humid construction before application of water base without water shall prevail;

2. Mix: add powder slowly into the liquid material, fully mixing 1 to 2 minutes, to observe the mixed slurry for excluding group homogeneous colloidal material can be used. Recommend the use of low-speed electric blender mixing in order to obtain the best mixing effect;

3. Construction: the good pulp mixing with brush or roller coating on to the construction of the base surface, generally need to besmear to brush two to three times, each time the

brushing time interval before a layer of dry solid and is not glue the hand, and each brushing with a coating on the vertical direction.



Technical Data Sheet



Solid content,%


Tensile strength

No processing,MPa


Elongation at break

No processing,%


Adhesive strength

No processing,MPa


Damp grass-roots,Mpa




Permeability resistance(back surface of mortar),Mpa


Matters Attention

1. After the completion of construction, 24 hours to prohibit trample, pay attention to protect the membrane from the damage;

2. Not below 0 ℃ or construction in the rain;

3. Don't be in damp and ventilation environment construction in particular, otherwise affect the film-forming effect;

4. Bath should maintain a discontinuity in the process of mixing, in order to prevent the precipitation;

5. Can do after coating is dry solid surface of the construction, usually a dry solid time need 3 a 5 days.


Dosage of Reference

Dosage of coating thickness is 1 mm, 1.5-1.5 kg / ㎡


Packaging and Storage

1. Packing: 4.5 kg/set, 9 kg/set, 18 kg/set, (11 + 25) kg/set;

2. Auxiliary pipe to prevent sharp and cold, pay attention to protect packaging;

3. The product should be stored at 5 ℃ and 40 ℃ ventilated dry room, pay attention to moistureproof.

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