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Waterproof coating

Dedicated waterproof mortar for wall (E-18)

  • 20 kg/set
      Implementation standards:
  • Frequency
Product Description

E-lokt E-18 waterproof mortar to choose polymer waterproof emusion and a variety of inorganic material compounded aggregate and addictives.


Product Features

1. Harmless, avirulent environmental protection coating, waterproof steam penetration;

2. It is waterproof layer on the surface of pits, easy to with strong adornment layer, or layer binding;

3. The acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance;

4. Frost prevention, anti-freezing salt, can be used as anti-corrosion coating, waterproof layer can be directly in the upper decorative layer;

5. Easy to use, waterproof effect is remarkable.



Where to use

Between the building's exterior wall, waterproof anti-seepage whole, hutch defends, underground buildings, elevators, irrigation channels and reservoirs, indoor, edible and non-edible sink, floor waterproof.


Construction Technology

1. Stay construction base surface must be clean, strong, no oil, and it is loose attachments

and wet, but there can be no water;

2. According to the mix proportioning, side to start the slow blender, side will join the rest of the liquid powder slowly, fully mixing 2 to 3 minutes, until not uniform slurry containing particles can be used; Mixing ratio: liquid: powder = 1:4 (weight ratio) 】;

3. The slurry mixture should be finished in 30 minutes, each measuring unfavorable and

overmuch, appropriate namely distribution box;

4. Directly with brush besmear to brush on the base, using uniform, do not leak brush,

general besmear two to three layers; At room temperature, the first layer construction

completion can be carried out on 12 hours after the second construction;

5. Pipe fitting appropriate USES soft elastic K11 waterproof seal type high elastic

waterproof coating and glass fiber cloth strengthening seal processing;

6. Operation should keep continuous stirring to prevent slurry in the process of precipitation.



Technical Data Sheet



Setting time

Initial set/min≥


Final set/h≤


Resistance osmotic pressure/Mpa

7d ≥1.0
28d ≥1.5

anti-pressure strength/Mpa

28d ≥24

anti-fold strength/Mpa

28d ≥8.0

ratio of compressive strength


Adhesive strength /Mpa

7d ≥1.0
28d ≥1.2



Matters Attention

1. Waterproof construction completion after 3 to 5 days for the construction of material

on the surface, the construction shall not be lower than 5 ℃ temperature;

2. While construction encounter fierce sun or wind to make proper protection on the waterproof layer. After construction of the tool will immediately wash with water;

3. Dry weather must be completed in the coating construction 48 hours after proper wet


4. The rain and snow, sand days, water and dusting powder base construction.



Recommended Dosage

Exterior wall, hutch defends moisture-proof, waterproof, 2.0 kg/m2

The basement: 3.0-4.0 kg/m2


Packaging and Storage

1. 5 kg/set; 10 kg/set; 20 kg/set; 25 kg/set;

2. Storage: the product stored at 5 ℃ to 40 ℃ in ventilated dry room, pay attention to moisture;

3. Transportation prevent weathered, seas, pay attention to the protection packaging;

4. Not opened product storage period of 9 months.

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