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Waterproof coating

Capillary crystalline waterproof slurry(E-280)

  • 20 kg/barrel
      Implementation standards:
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Product Description

E-280 is a kind of cement-based powdery rigid waterproof material,it is unique waterproof mechanism,besmear to brush in surface at the grass-roots level,after contact with water,and active substances with the role of water in the material to the penetration in concrete,the concrete body generated tendrils of irregular shape crystal of insoluble in water,filling the capillary channel and micro cracks,thus make the concrete dense and pemanent waterproof effect.


Product Features

1. The concrete structure back into the water and the water can be used;

2. Excellent permeability resistance;

3. The waterproof layer can be directly after dry solid paste decorative layer;

4. Can be used with other flexible waterproof materials, forming soft combined with compound waterproof layer;

5. Breathable waterproof performance, to prevent the accumulation of water vapor, keep well-ventilated dry structure layer;

6. The construction is simple, easy to operate;

7. Non-toxic environmentally friendly products.


Where to use

Building external walls, underground structures, garage, tunnels, reservoirs, ponds and underground structure waterproofing, DAMS, pile head treatment, pipe seepage control.


Construction Technology

【Base processing】

1. The construction of the base surface must be clean, strong and smooth, have a fat

class material pollution must be clean, but not with acid to remove;

2. The base there is defects to be repaired in advance and make (such as holes, loose,

split seam, concave and convex inequality). But at the grassroots level is too smooth

application of grinding machine for grinding rough processing, and clean water;

3. The base level before construction should be moist, but you can't have water.

【Ingredients and construction】

1. According to the requirement of the construction of instruction will be powder into the

water, moving slow blender until fully uniform paste stay with no particles;

2. Use coarse hair brush or roller to material equably besmear to brush on the grassroots

directly. Besmear brushes times generally for two to three times, each time must be

vertical crossing with again before brushing, brush not leak. Time interval to determine a

dry solid not glue the hand before shall prevail;

3. The mixed slurry should be match with edge, and keep the intermittent stirring, prevent

stratified precipitation.

【Recommended dosage】

1. Besmear again the thickness of 0.8 mm; 1.3 kg/square meters

2. Coating thickness is about 1.5 mm; 2.5 kg/square meters two times


Technical Data Sheet




Setting time

Initial set ,min

≥ 20

Final set ,h


Anti-fold strength ,Mpa

7d≥ 2.80
28d≥ 3.50

Anti-pressure strength ,Mpa

7d ≥ 12.0
28d ≥ 18.0

Adhesive strength on moist base surface,Mpa

≥ 1.0

Anti-permeability(28d) Mpa

≥ 0.8≥ 1.2

Second anti-permeability(56d) Mpa

≥ 0.6≥ 0.8

Permeability pressure ratio(28d) %

≥ 200≥ 300


Matters Attention

1. The coating is dry sprinkler maintenance more than 2 times a day, about 2-3 days;

2. Avoid construction in a dry and high temperature environment;

3. Can't construction in rain, wind day, should be above 5 ℃ temperature construction;

4. Pay attention to protect good waterproof layer from being damaged.

5. Add water after the material to be finished in time, hard material after adding water usage will fail.


Special Note

ELOKT E-280 for the rigid waterproof material, for large contraction deformation, vibration structure should choose flexible waterproof material (such as: K11 high elastic waterproof coating), for nozzle of post-cast strip, expansion joints and settlement joints, such as sealing treatment to use elastic waterproof seal (such as E - 303 - s acrylic ester waterproof coating).


Packaging and Storage

1. Packing: 20 kg/barrel;

2. Stored in a cool, dry room, this product is a cement base material, pay attention to the sealed container;

3. No submissions of product shelf life 12 months.

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