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Tile grout series

Colorful anti-mildew tile grout (superfine/ultrafine)(E-SC)

  • 2 kg/bag, 20 kg/bag
      Implementation standards:
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Product Description

Where to use

Product type:standard,ultrafine:

Standard applicable to ceramics, marble and vitreous brick seam filling between 3 to 12 mm;

Ultrafine type suitable for pottery and porcelain, marble and vitreous brick seam filling between 1-5 mm;

There is a requirement for chemical resistance does not apply to industrial flat seam filling.


Product Features

1. Good anti-seepage crack resistance, improve the overall decorative surface waterproof effect;

2. Good resistance to pulverization, avoid defiled;

3. Have mildew antibacterial function, make facing health, clean;

4. Color diversity, color and lustre is evenly distributed.



Base Level Requirements

1. The gap to clean, no water and debris;

2 for the permeability of porous brick, such as clay brick can be wetting gap in advance;

3. The new paste tile should be completed in 24 hours and caulking.


Construction Technology

【 Base level requirements】

1. The gap to clean, no debris and water;

2. For the permeability of porous brick, such as clay brick can prewatering gap;

3. The new paste tile should be in 24 hours after completion of caulking.

【Stirring and mixing】

1. The water poured into the container first, and then add the powder in proportion, with an electric mixer to form a fully agglomerate, uniform paste, paste let stand for about 5 minutes, a little stirring again can use;

2. Proportions 【standard】 water: powder = (4-5) kg: 25 kg

                       【ultrafine】 Water: powder = (6 -) 6.5 kg: 25 kg

【Construction technology】

1. Use rubber caulking knife or spatula sponge surface along the diagonal direction to press the mucilage into fill gaps;

2. Make them dry naturally is about 2 to 4 hours, with a slightly damp sponge or cloth to clean ceramic tile surface. ;

3. The construction completion after 24 hours, with clear water thoroughly clean ceramic tile surface.



Matters Attention

1. Avoid by all means have stem node of the slurry water mixed with;

2. It is forbidden to use acidic cleaner clean caulking veneer;

3. Avoid get wet in the rain in case construction, caulking completed 8 to 10 hours to avoid the water flushing caulking agent;

4. Appropriate construction environment 5 ℃ and 40 ℃;

5.Archaize brick and porous brick surface, caulking should be used when the jointing construction, try to avoid pollution of ceramic tile surface.



Technical Data Sheet




                                                    Abrasion resistance/mm3 <


                                                    Shrinkage value(mm/m)<


                                                    Anti-fold strength Mpa <


                                                    Anti-pressure strength Mpa <


                         Water absorption

( g )
30 min <5.0
240 min <10.0

Consumption calculation formula (unit: mm)

Dosage (kg / ㎡) = [(brick length + width) x seam high x seam width ] ÷ (brick length×width) × 1.85


Product Color

A variety of color, can also according to the requirements for toning.


Packaging and Storage 

2 kg/bag, 20 kg/bag

The product is stored in a cool and dry place, not unsealed product can be kept up to 12 months.


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