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1.The grand opening ceremony of CKS college 2011 Autumnal preparatory class

There is a grand occasion again in the CKS school at 9:00 am On October, 31, and the opening ceremony of the 2011 autumnal preparatory was holding in the training room. Preparatory Course is the primary training course for the new employee, with the purpose of making new staff understand the basic information of company, such as Property, Architecture, products, as well as its culture.

Tang Chunjiao, the Student Affairs Officer hosted the ceremony, As guest, some leaders and director of each department also attended the ceremony. Such as the general manager and the dean of students Jin Zhongwen,director of marketing and senior trainer Sun Chongshi, director of HR and the trainer of office polities Guyi, and director of Financial Center and deputy director of general office Lusong.It was aim to give a warm welcome to the new 17 graduating or graduated students. 

   At the beginning of the ceremony, general manager Mr.Jin showed a warm welcome to all new staff, and gave all students present three incisive sentences in order to make them firmly believe “it is true to choose CKS”. Then, general manager of marketing center, Mr.Sun and general manager of HR administration center, Mr.Gu also expressed their own expectation and wish separately.

   As a employment practice base for graduates, CKS provided the stage for graduates to learn new knowledge and exploit their talent. Surly, the development of the corporation can not be achieved without the new talents, I firmly believe that with the join of a large number of talents, the CKS can develop better.

2. The grand closing ceremony of CKS college 2011 Autumnal preparatory class

At 9:00 am on December,31, our company held a grand closing ceremony of 2011 Autumnal preparatory class in the training room.The ceremony was hosted by Tang Chunjiao. Many leaders and director of each department attended the ceremony. Such as the general manager Jin Zhongwen,deputy general manager and director of Financial Center Lusong, vice general manager and director of Marketing Center Sun Chongshi. In addition, the students who were enrolled in this Autumn  also participated in the ceremony.

   At the ceremony, general manager Mr.Jin delivered a speech. He expressed his wish and expectation to students and also introduced company's recent breakthrough and development, so that everyone were confidence in company’s development.

   Through two mouths of training, with our joint effort, the Autumnal preparatory course of CKS school had achieved excellent results and got a good reputation in all leaders. So we set nine-related award to reward participants,including the "Award of Merit","Practical Achievement Award", "Most Promising Award" , "Outstanding leader" ,"Outstanding squad leader", "Excellent team award", " Model practice base "and" Excellent instructor ". In addition, in order to expressed the thanks for teachers,we set a special award,namely the “Excellent lecturer”. With a proud smile, the winners received award in warm applause of colleagues. And i firmly believe they will be more confidence in future work. 

   After students recited the"CKS Song" emotionally,the ceremony ended. All students were full of enthusiasm and self-confidence. They showed their most moving and tell us “I have a dream, I can.”

3. The reality record of CKS college 2012 fast training class dealer class

On April 24, 2012, the first phase (dealer team) fast training class of CKS college was held a grand closing ceremony in training room.Leaders of each marketing department attended the ceremony.

The director of Marketing center Sun Chongshi delivered a speech. He praised student’s hardworking and enthusiastic attitude. And congratulated participants completed tasks and graduated successfully, as well as appreciated their support and cooperation.He also hope they apply knowledge to practice and share with others. Keep moving in waterproof career and create a brilliant future together.

During the ten days of training, about 40 dealers who are come from all over the country were got together in headquarter.They kept a same step in study and life.During the 10 days,they not only obtained knowledge,but also made a group of friends who are from around the world and struggle for the waterproof.From strangers to reluctant to leave,they were cherish this friendship exceptionally.

On the whole course arrangement, this training was divided into five stages, including corporate culture introduction, marketing team management and application, product specialized knowledge, technology and practical operation of waterproofing applications, and graduation examination. The multifaceted and omnibearing training style which are composed by classroom training,practical operation and outdoor activities bring distributors a difference training experience.And trained marketing experts with waterproof professional skills, as well as professional marketing team which have a positive professional attitude.

Each participant was involved in the factories practical operation training. The practice strengthen and deepen their impression, made they become a waterproof construction experts on practical operation.

Apart from intensive training,in order to promote relationship,the students organized some relaxed outdoor activities spontaneously.When the breeze was blowing, they ridden tandem bicycle and held a race by the lake. They were laughter all the way and just like returned to the simple pleasant time on campus.

In the exam,students were concentrate and fired off letters,made the result of training reflected in the papers.

Then,in the midst of joy and dismay, they were graduated.

This training made more distributor partners felt the culture and profession of CKS, as well as its strong service team.CKS not only made their inter sales team become a professional, capable and vigorous marketing team, but through good interaction and training, also made the dealer team become more professional and dynamic. So that the staff of CKS who are from all over the country will strive for waterproof and create brilliant together. 

4.CKS and Guangzhou City Construction College reached school-enterprise cooperation

At 9:00 am on December 3,2012, The opening ceremony of CKS college engineering students training camp and the signing ceremony with Guangzhou City Construction College to achieve school-enterprise cooperation for graduation practice base was held in training room.Some senior leaders and relevant senior lecturer attended the ceremony.At the same time, this signing ceremony also got attention by the leaders of the school,and some school representatives visited the ceremony site.Such as the vice president Yang Qingguo,deputy director of the science and technology department Shiwei,deputy director of department of architectural engineering Zhuangshuang,director of the employment guidance center Wu Chuanzong and etc..

After the ceremony,Mr.fang,the deputy general manager of CKS exchanged opinions and suggestions on the development strategy of talents with the leaders of school.He also showed strong support for the “Order Class”training model of Guangzhou City Construction college. Guangzhou City Construction college,an independent private higher colleges by City Construction college of Guangzhou University,its achievements and glories in architecture field are well-known to far and near. And it is the leader of equivalent academy.In addition, it is usually cooperate with many famous estate and construction company,cultivated a large of excellent frontline staff. Now,CKS and Guangzhou City Construction College rely on their own advantages to achieved school-enterprise cooperation. I believe it not only can achieves Guangzhou City Construction College expanded and in-depth in building waterproof sector,but also can provides a strong guarantee of talents for CKS’s sustainable development.

5.   The grand opening ceremony of CKS college 2013 marketing class 

There is a grand opening ceremony of“CKS college marketing class ”was held in training room on March,6,2013. Yangdan, the training manager hosted the ceremony. The deputy general manager president Sun Chongshi,manager representative,technical engineer and other leaders attended the ceremony. At the ceremony,deputy general manager Mr.Sun delivered a speech first. He expressed a warmly welcome to new staff and encouraged they integrate in work team quickly.He also hope new staffs can regard CKS as a start point and combine their own experiences to develop their strengths and improve themselves constantly. General manager Mr.Sun also proposed “dream mind,take responsibility bravely,use resources wisely, live in the moment" the 16-word mantra, while mobilizing the enthusiasm of the new members, but also expressed his fervent expectation of their growth and development in the future.

Next,new members introduced themselves gradually.They talked about their feelings after joined company,and expressed their enthusiasm and determination of hard work and progressive in the future. The brief communication, enhanced the friendship and core cohesion. 

Finally,the instructor put forward three requirements to new members. It is required members hold respecting the mentality to learn,and bold ask questions actively , at the same time,should keep in mind that smile to greet everyone, every day.

With a warm applause,the ceremony came to the end.All students will began a training of theory and skills in CKS college for one month. In the training system which combine with practical and theory, I firmly believe that the growth of new students will inject CKS more fresh and vibrant power. 

6. The ending of 2013 the second distributors fast training class of CKS

The ending ceremony of 2013 the second distributors fast training class of Guangdong CKS college was held on May 26,2013. The 38 participants who are from around the country dealers team ended a five-day training and passed a written examination. Ultimately, with course-completion and learning materials,they gone home confidently.

On May 5,the training class of Elokt that the household waterproof brand had ended firstly and made a successful achievement. Then, the CKS college prepared professional training for channel dealers. It is a important measure to distinguish engineering waterproof from household waterproof, so that can educate students according to their natural ability and made students apply their knowledge, therefore grasp the true beneficial knowledge of marketing and management.

Through a large scale opinion survey in the early,CKS college collected many opinions and suggestions from customers. In view of all requirements, we determined the direction of this training course. Construction technology course was major in this training and then is the marketing and management course. All of these courses are the skills which waterproof first-line sales staff need to be improved.During the training, the construction technology course, products presentation, common waterproof material application course and other courses by the Project Application Department explained improved their awareness of waterproofing products. Through the practical operation on construction site, students learned how to apply theoretical knowledge to practice.

On the morning of 26th, the course “dealers how to become bigger and stronger ”won an universal applause. It was explained by Fangyong who are the deputy general manager of CKS. The course made this training had a happy end. And his humorous teaching style allowed students in the joy,as well as got a theoretical weapon to build team and develop market.

7.The opening ceremony of 2014 graduating students class 

Along with the joy of New Year, CKS ushered the opening ceremony of CKS college 2014 graduating students class. The executive deputy manager Sun Chongshi, Shenzhen Branch General Manager Fang Yong, HR manager Yangdan and other leaders attended the ceremony, as well as delivered speech for new students. 

Dating from November 2013, CKS opened the college recruitment tour of the year. Starting from Shunde, via Hengyang and Xiangtan,then transfer to Nanchang and Ma’an shan, finally, back to Guangzhou. By holding career talk and job fair in several universities, CKS recruited nearly 40 outstanding graduates. 

CKS’s leaders always concerned about the growth of company's new force, so the general manager,Mr.Fang are from Shenzhen to the ceremony specially and made a wonderful speech for students. By analyzed from industry, enterprises and individuals, Mr.Fang told students how to identify the work which they choose is appropriate. He said,“The man was afraid the choice profession, the woman has been afraid mistakenly marries has given the good-for-nothing husband, actually,in modern life,men and women all fear to choose a wrong industry,so it is important to choose a right industry when you are finding a job ” It is lead the basic situation of China building waterproofing industry. He also said now waterproof industry is a rising industry, the industry’s progress will be able to drive our progress. Then he starting from enterprise,analyzed company’s advantages in this industry,and combine with his own experiences,introduced his work principles to students. His humorous speech style won the laughter and applause. At the same ,he also left many questions to think. Facing graduation,got a true guidance is more important than to get a temporary high salaries.Finally,the general manager Mr.Fang encouraged participants to ask questions and answer them one by one,so that he won a waves of warm applause. 

In addition, according the questions from students, the general manager Mr.Sun also shared his work experience with students. Due to many students were willing to become salesman,it made Mr.Sun remembered his situation of started in sales after he leaved the army. His personal experience for ten years made he warn students should learn to ask, especially when you are in confused, should learn to find your own direction. Finally, the general manager Mr.Sun ended up the communication with two basic point.The one is perseverance,and the another is do not be afraid, do not regret. It is aim to warning participants that you will be successful if you do it in your work.

After the speech of Mr.Sun, participants started in turn to introduce themselves. Then, this opening ceremony ended up with a warm applause.

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