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Production base
CKS production base in South China


(Panoramic view of the factory)

Foshan City Keshun Waterproof Technology Co.,ltd is located in the Gaoming district,Foshan City, is located in Foshan city Gaoming district and Yanghe town Yangxi avneue south peach street no.2, from Guangdong Keshun chemical industrial Co.,LTD.Headquarters about an hour and a half, is another masterpiece following the Beijing Pinggu production base, is the fifith production base of Keshun corporation. It is not only suitble scale and capacity of the largest production base, is also the largest waterproof material production base in southern China. is a representative of the srong production capacity from Keshun.
  (The corner of factory)
  (The corner of factory)

Foshan Keshun was founded in 2008 and the construction project completed in three phases, The first and second construction was completed in 2013, and in September the same year membrane、polymer sheet prduction line was successfully produced. The first and second construction had the total land area of 7000 square meters, a total construction area of more than 30000 square meters, is currently one of the largest waterproof material production base in the industry.
Factory equipped with perfect, each production workshop is configured with the imported production line or other improved modern advanced equipment. It adopts the  mechanized operation, automatic production, computer remote control system, which can greatly save manpower and also improved the produciton quality and produciton capacity,truely achieved efficiently. In addition, Keshun company has introduced the advanced sewage, dirt and recycling use system, completely away from the high pollution strong smell of traditional chemical factory.

 (Garden customer reception area)

Now factory building four production workshop, production of waterproofing materials, waterproofing coating, waterproof and drainage plate three types of project product. Our workshop has three production lines for the automation of the modified asphalt waterproofing materials, CRC production line 2, multi-functional plastic drainage plate production line 1, polymer coil production line 1, annual output of coil more than 2000 square meters, and annual output of 20000 tons of polyurethane waterproof coating production line, annual output of 3000 tons of water based waterproof coating production line, annual output of 48000 tons of dry mortar production line, etc. Each is controlled with the workshop, equipped with modern testing equipment, can real-time monitor the product quality,ensure that the product qualified. Company several production lines, each new line in terms of capacity, quality, automation has a lot of ascension, fully meet the needs of market sales production capacity.
(Polyerethane production workshop)

(Membrane production line)

Factory in addition to the construction of basic production workshop, it also have suitable waterproof field training base and national laboratory each one. The training base perfectly equipped with all kinds of waterproof construction model,which is the most advanced and comprehensive of the industry. The National laboratory and the field base, is the crystallization of the engineering department to arrange. Current, Keshun company is guangdong province enterprise technology center, postdoctoral innovation practice base in guangdong province and guangdong province engineering technology research center, but the era have entrusted to arrange more technology mission, along the company is actively declare national laboratory, further improve enterprise, and even the technology level of industry.

(Work station)

(Vocational skills training base)

In terms of employees' live and work, factory building more staff dormitory, dining hall, administrative office building, staff activity center, basketball courts and other facilities,to meet the staff 's daily life requirement as well as quality requirement ,fully embodies Keshun company "happy work, happy life" enterprise culture.
Foshan Keshun building materials co., LTD 's establishment  is one of the most important step of Keshun"five-year" plan, it also indicates the suitable company is rapidly moving towards a new level. Believe that in the next few years, Foshan Keshun will spare no effort to become leadership in waterproof industry, its production base of waterproof material will be in south China, and even all over the country, give "no leak drop" care for thousands of households.
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